International Day of Peace
21 September 2015 Great Success!

Thanks to everyone for supporting and making the International Day of Peace a great success! We raised $3,005 which was a great effort for a tiny venue!

A big thanks goes to Michael Hewstone for cooking, organizing the music, setting up outside and being a legend!

Salvador & his crew, Demir for the amazing music!

Blaze for the big big help on the night!

Chef Andy for the big cook-up, Martin (Damona dairy-free cheeses) and Woody for being in the kitchen!

Shan and Ollie for being all-round super stars and making the event run so so well!

Little Faith for being a child-hospo genius (my money is on her to change the world in 10 years time)

Marcelo from Minas Hill for the coffee donation, thank you thank you!

See you all for the next charity at Admiral Cheng Ho on Christmas Day !

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