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Our version of a chai wallah

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Chai can be such a wonderful and nurturing drink (especially in winter). When we opened, we didn’t serve any chai as we weren’t happy with what was commercially available out there. Our solution was to experiment and try to produce the best chai recipe that would suit us and our clientele.

We sought some advice from tea guru Nathan Wakeford from Somage and we came up with our own Monk Bodhi Dharma chai recipe. Even though we are all multi-tasking creatures at Monk, during busy times, one of our duties is to be chai wallahs (a wallah is one who performs a specific task). We brew our chai for 4 minutes (30grams) and then steam it with the customer’s choice of milk. We then sieve it in a Japanese handmade chai pot and serve it in custom made pottery made by the wonderful Karen Ho. Bliss!

Chai - Monk Bodhi Dharma

Kate roasting the aromatic spices for our chai!

Monk Bodhi Dharma Chai

Chai Monk Bodhi Dharma